Working from home, how to make it easy to make $200 to $300 a day online?

imageWorking from home, how to make it easy to make $200 to $300 a day online?

In the previous articles, I shared a few ideas for making money online. Friends who are interested, just click the links below to find out.

The general approach is: by promoting those excellent PTC websites and traffic exchange websites, I have obtained enough referrals and enough traffic; and then according to different website types, combining their advantages and characteristics to promote my referal links and my The PTC website, which allows me to master more and more network resources, and at the same time obtain a relatively large income in the CPC advertising network. In addition to paying for eggs-farm members, most of my income is used to promote two cryptocurrency trading platforms that are very well-known around the world: OKEX and Binance.

I am not going to talk about the advantages of these two platforms here, just talk about what I do on these two platforms: 

1. Most of the income I earn on PTC websites, traffic exchange websites, and advertising network is in cryptocurrency. I will withdraw these cryptocurrencies to these two platforms. It is also possible to first withdraw to faucetpay to accumulate, and then withdraw to Okex and Binance. Then sell them on these two platforms and exchange them into U.S. dollars.

2. On those two platforms, I sometimes trade cryptocurrencies, but I don’t think I am smarter than most of people in the world. I am just a fool and hate the practice of frequent trading of cryptocurrencies.

I will buy some cryptocurrency after the price is very low, using only 5% of the funds each time. I will hold those famous cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. for a long time.

Therefore, my approach should not be called trading, but should be called investment. Because of the rapid development of cryptocurrency in recent years, more and more people recognize it and hold it, so this is an industry that is still developing.

3. My main source of income is to recruit new members for these two cryptocurrency trading platforms. Every day, use the balance of funds in the advertising network to advertise my referal link. Every active downline member brings me about 1.2 US dollars in income on average every day.

About one out of 100 members will be active. The ratio is a bit low, but I have enough patience.,Just like I will hold a certain cryptocurrency for 5 years,.I do the same thing repeatedly every day, and continue to advertise according to a certain percentage of income every day, and keep active referrals gradually increasing.

It is time to ask you a question now :have you noticed that my English is terrible? Yes, I used Google Translate, and then also consulted a local elementary school teacher. She said there were grammar errors, but the meaning was very clear.

That is enough.

eggs-farmSincerely thank every friend who took the time to read this article to the end.

One question remains, why do we have to make so many bends? Wouldn’t it be enough to deposit cash directly to the advertising network and promote those two cryptocurrency trading platforms?

Do not!

You can’t do this in the beginning, you will lose money.In the next article, we will discuss this issue.