Work From Home & Make Money Online, What kind Of Projects Are Worth Promoting

When you open this page with a computer, then your goal is naturally to earn income on the Internet.
In the previous blog post, I said that if you want to make a stable income and higher income on the Internet, then you must learn to adopt different promotion methods on different types of websites with different characteristics.

But what kind of online earning platform is worth promoting? What I am currently trying my best to promote is two cryptocurrency trading platforms: Binance and okex. Obviously, this difficulty is not suitable for friends who are just getting started. I also suggest that you don’t try it for now, you are unlikely to succeed.

You can choose PTC website to promote, or traffic exchange type website. The difficulty of this kind of website is relatively low.
I estimate that there are currently more than 10,000 PTC websites and traffic exchange websites that can still open pages. How should we choose?
Here is a list of websites of my own choice. I guess you have all joined these websites.

I thought about it this way:
1. The website must have enough members.
2. The income has been paid to members stably for many years.
3. The price of advertising there is more reasonable.
4. Measures to prevent member cheating and robot cheating are relatively complete and effective.
For me:Neobux, I have not applied for withdrawals there for about six or seven years, and I plan to advertise in the future; for example, CoinPayU, the current plan is to place 50,000 clicks of advertising there every week; for example, AdBTC, I mainly target specific countries Advertisements in specific languages…I will not discuss advertisements in the cpc ad network here.

Therefore, almost all of my income from the ptc website is used to promote Binance and OKEX, and all the income from the CPC advertising alliance is also used for promotion and payment of eggs-farm members. I don’t even have a Perfect Money account, nor a paypal account… I only have a payeer account, which is used to transfer funds to pay members.