The essence of making money online is called promotion on the surface, but in fact… money onlineThere is an idea: In order to make money on the Internet, I have to promote my referal link non-stop. This idea is good, but you must pay attention to the method.
In the last article, we discussed: The key to making money online is to look at the essence through the phenomenon.
Easier said than done! We often forget to keep innovating because we are used to it; we often follow because others suggest us to do so; instead, some things that are easy to solve have become complicated.
The website was founded by me in December 2020, and currently has more than 80,000 members, of which about 3,000 are logged in every day; most of them are recruited by me through advertisements. PTC website advertisements , Traffic exchange website advertising, CPC advertising nerworke and so on. To be precise, among the active members, at least 2,000 members are recruited by myself. How did I do it?
There are many techniques for advertising on the Internet. Here are some of my methods:
1. On the traffic exchange website of hungryhits, I purchased a lifetime gold membership about a few months ago, because I found that many of the members in this website are administrators of other websites, and the traffic sent from that website will increase Alexa Rank. The ranking is of great help. During that time, I kept surfing more than 2,000 pages every day, and each page took about 3-4 seconds, and the number of points earned was about 2500 per day. I like that website very much so far. If you have your own blog or website that needs to be promoted, I strongly recommend you to try it too.
2. On Easyhit4U, a traffic exchange website, I have also purchased a membership. This website requires at least 20 seconds of browsing time per page, so the number of advertising points I get every day is very limited. However, through my tests, I found that the click-through rate of banner ads on this website is very high, and the conversion rate of ads is also very high. In this way, I surfed 200 pages every day on the website, got 200 advertising credits, and then converted into 5000 banner credits.
3. If you are also a member of another well-known website-faucetpay, then you should often see ads on my website. The effect of the PTC advertisement on this website is also very good, and the price is relatively low, but there is a problem that I don’t like this little problem a bit, and then I thought of a way, that is, I usually add advertisements before I go to bed. Very good results.
4. I also keep advertising on the cpc ad network every day. A. The traffic of the ADS advertising network is relatively large and effective, but it is a little more expensive. The price of adhitz is a little lower, but the traffic is a little lower. I like both advertising networks very much. Maybe you will find that the advertising link I put is to this blog, not just to promote my PTC website.
In the next article, let’s discuss: What kind of projects are worth promoting?