Is it true to make money online? What are the common mistakes about making money online?

eggs-farm,The picture failed to display properlyMany people make up to one thousand U.S. dollars on the Internet every day. Especially on the PTC website, many friends I know earn hundreds of dollars a day. They are not even the webmaster of a certain PTC website, or even a blog… So how did they do it?
First of all, it should be admitted that they are only a small part of the tens of millions of people who make money online. There are many misunderstandings about making money online that we need to avoid.
1. Clicking on the ads every day can make a considerable income… This is wrong. What everyone can do, why did God choose you as a winner? Although I, including me, have used this type of slogan to refer new members to my favorite projects, but this kind of promotion is not accurate.
2. Many friends think that higher returns can be achieved by investing in projects such as HYIP-this kind of psychology is very dangerous. This type of website is usually run by a group of scammers. They pack themselves perfectly and are very provocative. If you are not careful, you may lose all your savings. The fact is: The annual return rate of world-renowned cryptocurrency mining rarely exceeds 10%. Those who promote high-return projects are either engaged in Ponzi schemes or pure scammers.
3. More people hope to quit their jobs in the real world, and then earn considerable income quickly by making money online. This cannot be said to be wrong, but few people can do it. Success usually comes from unremitting efforts, skills, and accumulated experience and lessons.
Next article: We will discuss the real and effective ways to make money online.