The essence of making money online is called promotion on the surface, but in fact… money onlineThere is an idea: In order to make money on the Internet, I have to promote my referal link non-stop. This idea is good, but you must pay attention to the method.
In the last article, we discussed: The key to making money online is to look at the essence through the phenomenon.
Easier said than done! We often forget to keep innovating because we are used to it; we often follow because others suggest us to do so; instead, some things that are easy to solve have become complicated. continue reading

Is it true to make money online? What are the common mistakes about making money online?

eggs-farm,The picture failed to display properlyMany people make up to one thousand U.S. dollars on the Internet every day. Especially on the PTC website, many friends I know earn hundreds of dollars a day. They are not even the webmaster of a certain PTC website, or even a blog… So how did they do it?
First of all, it should be admitted that they are only a small part of the tens of millions of people who make money online. There are many misunderstandings about making money online that we need to avoid. continue reading