Talking:How To Detect Cheater At A PTC Sites?

All of the PTC sites promise downline earnings,like, members earn 20% by refer their friends to join & Earn toghther. It is not allow to refer themself but someone try to do it.

How to detect it? Other PTC Sites will do these:

  1. members login with the same ip.
  2. members login with the same computer.
  3. members login with the same phone.
  4. members cash out to the same account.
  5. referrals come from the same region.
  6. referrals login with VPN/PROXY.

Beside these, I can do more:

1.Referrals login with The Same Browse Agent.

2.Referrals login with The Same Phong Number.

So, Do not try to cheat here.