Is there a conflict between working from home and online investment?

eggs-farmObviously, investing your funds in a PTC website is not a wise choice, not just investing in a PTC website, most of the online investment is lost. But there are some exceptions. Investing in some well-known websites, through the use of some skills, you can often get a good return.
Reminder: This article is just to share some tips and experience, not to suggest that you follow the action recklessly.
Let’s use a well-known PTC website to illustrate (COINPAYU):
This PTC website was created and managed by a strong team from the United States. On this PTC website, the purchase price of premium membership is relatively low and worthwhile; but it is not the topic of this article. We mainly talk about some of the innovations of this website-selling and buying referrals.
Sounds normal, doesn’t it? no!
The sale and purchase of this website are relatively transparent. Sellers can determine the selling price based on their own statistics; buyers can use the data provided by the website to determine whether the referal will remain active in the future.
Let me give you an example in my usual way of thinking.
1. If I plan to buy some members, then I will first look at which country the member is from. Members in Europe and the United States usually have higher daily income and potential referral income.
2. Some members from third world countries are usually more active, and the prices offered by sellers are often low enough.
3. I will only buy those members who log in every day. Those who show high potential commission income, but often do not log in for a few days, I will not consider buying.
4. The shorter the registration date, the lower the possibility that the member will continue to be active.
5. A successful purchase can often pay back within one month. If not, don’t buy it.