AS Admin Of A PTC Site(People earn real money Online by viewing ads), I feel a little sad sometimes

Eggs-farm allow people earn money online by viewing Ads online, which have been paid out since 2020. Here, you can request cash out after you earn 5 cent in your account balance.

We offer up to 1 cent per click to our free members, It is no upgrade membership here because I thought it is not a good idea to invest at a ptc  site(include eggs-farm).

Everyday, I have to send out up to 500 payment to our members. I am so tired that i evern have no time to promote eggs-farm myself. So, I note our members to post their payment proof to our forum several day ago, I just re-design our forum.

Post your payment proof to our forum will help us promote eggs-farm more easier And get referrals more easier, However, No one have been do that in a correctly way.

It’s just!!!