No Crypto Trading, I Earn $30 Daily At OKEX

I am admin of, A PTC Site Which keep paying since 2020. Our site have more 3000+ active members(Login in the last 24 hours), And i have to pay out more than $50 daily.

So, How to earn enough money to pay our members?

Well. No need to trade Crypto, But I earn more than $30 daily (AVG) at Okex, One of the most famous Crypto Trading platform all over the world.

1.Promote my self-design page: I have got more than 800 referrals because PTC ads.

2.Banner Ads.

3.Send my referral link to all of my good friends, and ask them to visit the Newbie Ads, Which earn Up to 50 satoshi per 100 seconds.They will exchange them into USD.

4.I Love Kishu & SHIB , And Keep about  20000000000000 Kishu & 1000000000 SHIB, I earn at least 1% interest Weekly.

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