5 secrets about advertising, increase the number of your downline members & increase your online income.


Many netizens asked questions & sighed: Why is it so difficult to make money online? In addition to the pitiful income, being deceived is a common situation? Why can others earn higher income so easily, but it is so difficult for me? Why can others easily recommend a large number of referees through PTC advertising, but I get nothing? What are the secrets or skills we call to get more referees by placing PTC ads?

Below I try to enumerate some facts that I know:
1. At least 90% of PTC websites, there are actually less than 100 active members, these websites often provide very low advertising prices, but if you buy ads on these sites, or your ads are not there for a long time Check it, or it was viewed by CLICK BOT.
2. Many PTC websites are personal websites and they are relatively amateur; even the purpose of the webmasters of these websites to manage the websites is to deceive advertisers.
3. If you place an advertisement on a PTC website where the membership is not very strong, the effect of the advertisement is generally very poor.
4. Even if you place advertisements on well-known PTC websites (such as CoinPayU, Neobux and adbtc), but the advertisements you place have not much connection with making money online, the effect will not be very good.
5. For those PTC websites with low pay lines and high integrity, the registered members in them are more inclined to obtain higher income through cheating, and your PTC advertisements may be viewed by the same person repeatedly.