Earn At The Same Time: Get Referrals, CPC Ads Earnings, Tracks Click, Traffic Bar, Rotators

Let’s think about this: Just Create one link, And then start Earning online  At The Same Time: Get tons of referrals to your favorite items , Got paid CPC Ads Earnings, Tracks Click, Traffic Bar, Rotators…leadsleap has successfully proved that it is not just a traffic exchange site, but an excellent online money-making system.

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, you may ask How? Why? What? 

  • You must creat an account here: leadleap.com, before you can use leadsleap’ tracker links.
  • Click the button “trakers” –“AdBar”. create your adbar, and input your raferal link into it.
  • click the button “rotetor”, create your rotetor links.
  • Click the tracker links button , add your adbar in it, add your rotater link into it, add your PPC into It.
  • Promote the ONE LINK, start earning money all at one link.

FAQs About Tracker? It’s No need to ask, I can guess and tell you the answer:

  • The Real Tracker not only tracks clicks. It can tell you whether the clicks are real visitors.
  • The Tracker monitors browser’s visibility and user activities such as mouse movement, scrolling, finger browsing and clicking.If someone opens your link in the background and never really look at it, or if it is a click from web spider, robots or some kind of software, the tracker will register no activity from the click. On the other hand, if it is a genuine visit, the system should register at least 1 second of surfing activity. Using this methodology, we can effectively differentiate clicks from visits, by defining a Real Visit as a click with at least 1 second of activity.
  • Ad Bar is a text link that you can add to your tracked link in the form of a top bar, i.e. it appears at the top of the browser. It allows you to cross-promote another offer while promoting your tracked link. One good use is to use it to build your list while promoting other affiliated products. The best part is, you can create an Ad Bar and add it to all your tracked links or selected tracked links. Imagine you have 20 tracked links, all posted to different places on the net and getting you traffic. Next, imagine you have an adhoc offer, for example, a product free trial. Instead of changing all your 20 tracked links to this offer and disrupting all your existing campaigns, you can simply create an Ad Bar and have it added to all your 20 tracked links with a click!