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Published on 11-09-2021

#1: Free Upgarde Membership Chance:

#2: All Pending Payment Have Been Send.


Regards & Love

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Cash Out Bonus
Published on 02-09-2021

Hello All:


1st Cash Out minimum ==$0.05

2nd+ Cash Out minimum ==$0.10

..............It Is Ok. It Will Always Be.


If Your Cash Out Amount >=$1, You Will Get 10% Bonus.

If Your Cash Out Amount >=$2, You Will Get 20% Bonus.

If Your Cash Out Amount >=$3, You Will Get 30% Bonus.

...............And So On !!!

What & Why? Because I am So Busy!


Admin Of Eggs-Farm.Com  


Payment Delay For 2-3 Days
Published on 19-08-2021

A Little Busy .

Payment Delay For 2-3 Days.



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Payment will be delayed by about 24-36 hours today.
Published on 08-08-2021

Payment will be delayed by about 24-36 hours today.



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All Pending Payment Send Out Again
Published on 21-07-2021

1. All payment has been paid.
2. Recently our website encountered DDOS. Fortunately, our website protection is strong enough.
3. Sincerely make friends from all over the world.
4. If the daily income of $200-$300 is relatively high for you, you can refer to my blog:

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About Payment
Published on 20-07-2021

I'm Back!

All Pending Payment Will Be Send In 48 Hours.


Regards & Love


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About Payment
Published on 14-07-2021

Payments in these days may be delayed, but all payments will be paid in 5 days at the latest.


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All Pending Payment Send Out Again
Published on 07-07-2021

All Pending Payment Send Out Again !

This time the payment was slightly delayed, but I finally processed it all !!!


Regards & Love

Admin Of Eggs-Farm.Com





Our Forum:You Will Get Paid To Post There!!!
Published on 02-07-2021

Our Forum:

You Will Get Paid To Post There!!!

All Pending Payment Send & About 30 Account Suspended
Published on 01-07-2021

All Pending Payment Send & About 30 Account Suspended 

1. All Pending Payment Send,People request Cash Out With Correct Info Got Theim Payment.

2.About 30 Account suspended. It is Not Allow To Creat More Than 1 account.

3. Login with The Same IP, With The Same Computer,The Same Phone-----Will Cause Your Account suspended!


Regards & Love

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ADD 2000 Random Ads
Published on 29-06-2021

Add 2000 Random Ads.  Value 0.01 Per Click. 

Because The Price Of SHIB/USDT Raise 13.46% In 24 Hours. 

More Info:


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Add 2888 Random Ads,Which Value $0.01 Per Click
Published on 28-06-2021

Just Add 2888 Random Ads . 

Because:The Price Of Crypto(Kishu) Raise 15% In 24 Hours

For More:


Regards & Love

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Published on 26-06-2021

Al l  Pending Payment Will Be Send In 24 Hours. 

It Will Be More And More Random Ads (Value $0.01) Daily, Depend On The Price Of KISHU &SHIB. More Information, Visit Our Blog. 



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Published on 18-06-2021

All pending payment will be send 10 days later. My son is in hospital. 


admin of eggs-farm. com



About Payment
Published on 12-06-2021

Members Who Request Pay Out Before 10th, All Are Got There Payment Today!!!

I Just Set The Click Value To $0.001(Standard Ads), And More And More Ads Coming Soon! I Am So Tired...Go To Sleep Now.

Thanks To An Active Members Here At



Admin Of





Detect ~~ ing
Published on 10-06-2021

Warning: There Are About 1350 Account Suspend Yesterday, Because Of Login(Sign Up) With The Same IP, The Same region, The Same Computer, The Same Andriod System...

And Also, I Just Want To Tell Some People That, Eggs-Farm Not Only Powered By EvolutionScript, But Also Work A lot Myself...

Do Not Waste Your Time Here.

Because Of That, Members Have To Wait Another 24 Hours To Get Paid This Time.


Regards & Love

Admin Of

$0.07 Per Click ^_^ By ERORR
Published on 04-06-2021

^_^ I Have Set The Click Value Of "Standard Ads" To $0.07 Per Click ^_^ By ERORR !!!

And At This Moment, It Is About 330+ Pending Payment Waiting There !!! 


Well, All Payment Will Be Send Out In 24 Hours!

Important !!!!!
Published on 26-05-2021

Since We Have More 3000+ Active Members At This Moment, And I Have To Send Out 1000 Payment Every 2-3 Days...

So, Make Sure To Correct Your Payment Details, Or, Your Payment Will Be Canceled, The Amount Will Not Return To Your Account Balance.





Online 58 Days, We Are Finally Reach 10000+ members.
Published on 19-04-2021

Online 58 Days, We Are Finally Reach 10000+ members.

As Plans... To Stop Losing Money Everyday, The Click Ads Prize Should Set As $0.005 Per Click...

However, I Think ... One Cent Per Click Should Be Continue!!!

As Long As Possible !

Pending Payment Will Be Send In 2-5 Hours Later!
Published on 14-04-2021

Pending Payment Will Be Send In 2-5 Hours Later!

Because A Lot Of Members Request Cash Out!

About Payment
Published on 13-04-2021

About Payment


About 50 Members request cash out with wrong information have been refund.

Payeer Account should start with "P"...

Others... All have send!

Online 50 Days, We Reach 1500+ Members
Published on 11-04-2021

Online 50 Days, We Reach 1500+ Members!

Say Thank You For All Of You!

All Pending Payment Will Send Out In 1-2 Hours Later.

We Keep $0.01 Per Click & $0.05 Cash Out, So ............. You Can Depand!

Over $1000 Pay Out !
Published on 08-04-2021

1.Over $1000 Pay Out ! $0.05/$0.1 Cash Out To All Members !

2.Online 45 Days !

3. One Cent Per Click Is Cotinue!

4.I Love People All Over The Wolrd!

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