GoldenClix! One of the best paying PTC sites.

GoldenClix! One of the best paying PTC sites.


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Hello guys.

Today is really big day for us. We have reached $400,000 paid to our member – another great achievement.

I want to thank to all members, especially to those who recognizes Goldenclix as investment business. No business can stay in business without customers and investors. How you treat – or mistreat – them determines how long your doors stay open. That’s why we always have some promos. It is to help you to reach your ROI faster. In last few days we already gave 5400 rented referrals for free in Goldenclix and SilverClix. This promo is available until tomorrow, so use it to get your ROI faster.

I know, many people hate this term ”investment business”, but online or offline if you want to make money, you must invest money. If you do not understand this, then you are part of someone else’s dream.

For example, I’m now in negotiation with couple of franchises in the Philippines. What do you think, they will give me business because I have beautiful eyes, or because I’m Caucasian in the Philippines? Absolutely not. I need to invest.

Here is top members who recognized it.

Top paid members:

1. jack4ever (Italy) – $11148.02
2. ashi_junior11 (Australia) – $11030.71
3. u9113054 (Taiwan) – $6298.78
4. mhmadfarajalla (Palestine) – 5824.84
5. kamankappa (USA) – $5561.76
6. agony554 (Netherlands) – $5419.98
7. mopsi (Finland) – $5355.10
8. nelalita (United Kingdom) – $5067.30
9. Pecunia (USA) – $4579.38
10. rugal (Mexico) – $2968.60

”No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid” – Lupita Nyong’o

Times paid:

1. jack4ever (Italy) – 267 times
2. ashi_junior11 (Australia) – 225
3. u9113054 (Taiwan) – 134
4. ronok (Bangladesh) – 132
5. kamankappa (USA) – 108
6. andre19sp (Norway) – 98
7. sujoymou09 (India) – 97
8. Pecunia (USA) – 93
9. rugal9 (Mexico) – 90
10. kordim (Greece) – 71

Have a nice weekend 🙂