5 great reasons to use Traffic Ad Bar

1. Hits from members, Add your websites to your account and Traffic Ad Bar members will look at them. 2. Hits from other traffic exchanges. They list ads on other traffic exchanges so not only do Traffic Ad Bar members see your websites but so do the members of other exchanges! 3.On other websites. Listcontinue reading

Promo tools for Hungry For Hits

Why? Because you will earn credits and cash commissions from your referrals. You can create an extra income from having referrals who purchase upgrades and advertising. You can get enough credits from your referrals so you do not have to surf to have your ads displayed. Who? If you know anyone who has a blog,continue reading

Food Collection At Hungryforhits

You will get a food icon when you claim a letter on the Word search game page in surf. When you have collected all 10 icons in a set, you will win a bonus prize! When you have found all food icons in one set, you will automatically start collecting a new set. If youcontinue reading