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Published on 12-06-2021

Members Who Request Pay Out Before 10th, All Are Got There Payment Today!!!

I Just Set The Click Value To $0.001(Standard Ads), And More And More Ads Coming Soon! I Am So Tired...Go To Sleep Now.

Thanks To An Active Members Here At



Admin Of





Detect ~~ ing
Published on 10-06-2021

Warning: There Are About 1350 Account Suspend Yesterday, Because Of Login(Sign Up) With The Same IP, The Same region, The Same Computer, The Same Andriod System...

And Also, I Just Want To Tell Some People That, Eggs-Farm Not Only Powered By EvolutionScript, But Also Work A lot Myself...

Do Not Waste Your Time Here.

Because Of That, Members Have To Wait Another 24 Hours To Get Paid This Time.


Regards & Love

Admin Of

$0.07 Per Click ^_^ By ERORR
Published on 04-06-2021

^_^ I Have Set The Click Value Of "Standard Ads" To $0.07 Per Click ^_^ By ERORR !!!

And At This Moment, It Is About 330+ Pending Payment Waiting There !!! 


Well, All Payment Will Be Send Out In 24 Hours!

Important !!!!!
Published on 26-05-2021

Since We Have More 3000+ Active Members At This Moment, And I Have To Send Out 1000 Payment Every 2-3 Days...

So, Make Sure To Correct Your Payment Details, Or, Your Payment Will Be Canceled, The Amount Will Not Return To Your Account Balance.





Online 58 Days, We Are Finally Reach 10000+ members.
Published on 19-04-2021

Online 58 Days, We Are Finally Reach 10000+ members.

As Plans... To Stop Losing Money Everyday, The Click Ads Prize Should Set As $0.005 Per Click...

However, I Think ... One Cent Per Click Should Be Continue!!!

As Long As Possible !

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